VAIO Z Canvas issues


I recently had some issues with the screen on my VAIO Z Canvas tablet and I ended scouring the old TPCR website for answers. Luckily, I found there a solution to my problem.

However, using the “Archive” link at the top of this forum proved to be troublesome as most links didn’t lead to the desired pages. So, in order to get reliable addresses, I had to instead rely on the TPCR backups that I had created on my own. In any case, as I went along, I thought it might be useful to collect here the most helpful VAIO Z Canvas threads from the old TPCR website. Maybe other users here will find answers to their problems through these links, or will use this thread to post their issues.

Good luck to all users of this once-great but now somewhat-dated tablet!

Links from the old TPCR website:

Extensive thread titled “VAIO Z Canvas User Reviews and Impressions”:

“How to replace swollen Battery on Vaio Z Canvas”:

“Vaio Z Canvas Won’t Turn On”:


Haha, the terminology is relatively recent, but as I understand it:

  • 2-in-1 = tablet that can transform into laptop, or vice-versa
  • Convertible = 2-in-1 with an fixed keyboard portion (yoga-style Spectre x360, ezel-style Surface Laptop Studio)
  • Detachable = 2-in-1 with a detachable keyboard portion (magetic-style Surface Pro, clip-style Surface Book)
  • Slate = not a 2-in-1, a tablet without a detachable keyboard (Mobile Studio Pro 13/16)

So the Z Canvas would be a detachable, because it comes with a magnetic keyboard cover that attaches.

Thanks for the archived links @lblb. I’ve also made my own extensive backups of all the troubleshooting threads for the ZC, so any Canvas owners don’t hesitiate to ask either one of us for technical related questions. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey Marty,

Nice to see you here. And thanks for the clarification! I’ll remove my question about the format from my original post.