Has anyone tried connecting a wacom screen tablet to a Steam Deck to do work?

I have a really old PC and I’ll need to get a proper replacement eventually… but for now, I’m really interested in a makeshift device while I save up for a beefier laptop.

I’ve always been really excited about the steam deck and I was going to get it anyways… after a laptop replacement. and maybe a PS5. but if it can actually work as a proper makeshift linux PC, and work with my cintiq pro 24, it shoots to the top of my priorities as I would like to work as well as game.

Being able to do both in a single ultra portable device would be absolute heaven… so!

Has anyone actually tried this? how was the experience?

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Hard to get a hold of a Steam Deck as it is, but a Cintiq Pro 24 should work fine as Steam OS is just Linux.


ayyyeeeee how you doing man??

siiiggghhh I suppose you’re right. Hopefully their production speed has really increased and more people will get theirs delivered even sooner.

it has potential to shoot straight to the top of my must-own gadget of the year.

Well, Steam OS is just a Linux distro. There’s a desktop environment for it.

Cintiqs work fine on Linux these days as far as I know and Krita is a pretty great art program available on Linux.

As for Steam Deck availability, I don’t see it getting better any time soon. If you want something, well, there’s AYA and GPD, but they are more expensive. You can actually get them though.