[Native] MacOS Catalina on my 2016 WACOM's Mobile Studio Pro 16! Not Disappointed!


I had this Wacom Studio pro since the very first week it was released. It has been pretty good to me. But I am not a fan of Windows. My bud Is very good at installing Mac and did most of the leg work

This laptop is equivalent to the 2016 Macbook Pro 16, same CPU and same Intel Graphics.

What works:

CPU: i7 2 cores 4 threads

IGPU Intel Iris 550 1500MEG Viedo Ram (NVidia Quadro not compatible with MAC OS)

Wifi: Intel works

Bluetooth = Works

Sound - Work in progress, Works via Bluetooth headphones. I should be able to solve it

Wacom Digitizer = Everything works, side panels buttons, everything!!!

Power management: Seems to be working good, including panel Brightness

Currently testing the performance and is quite good.

Just wanted to share, my old but now renewed Mobile Studio pro!


I’m no Mac OS fan (actually have bad memories of it), but I’m glad it’s working so well for you!

Thanks man!

MacOS can be quite good depending on the software. I use both and for the software I use I would say Mac runs better. But, if I need windows, then all I have to do is reboot and the select windows OS. So I have booth on a single machine :blush:


Hackintosh-ing has always fascinated me. I have not quite done it yet but I want to get it working on an AMD system one of these days. I think a primary roadblock was Intel wireless drivers were hit-or-miss, but I recall efforts to get Linux drivers ported over and working.

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I have a Ryzen hackintosh laptop. It is the Helios 500 with a desktop CPU Ryzen 7 2700 and the Vega 56 GPU with 128GB of ram.

It wasn’t any different to install. The intel wifi works pretty good. The only thing that didnt work was the bluetooth, so I use a tiny asus 4.0 usb and solved the issue

Ah, that rings a bell. I remember looking and I didn’t want to have use a dongle. Maybe this might help?

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Yes, Heliport is what I use, the wifi works like a charm!

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By the way, as a quick note to @trust_level_0, as long as people aren’t uploading copyrighted files here, I am open to posting about Hackintosh, emulation and so on. For example, in the realm of emulation, you can post guides so long as you don’t upload the actual ROMs here or links to ROM sites. However, good news, you can always freely and openly share ROM (or any content, for that matter) links to Archive.org which is exempted from DMCA. That I will permit. :smiley:


Thanks man. :+1:

Very glad that this is something which we can discuss here (w/in reasonable limits).

I’m beginning to think that my device future is some sort of Hackintosh tablet running Macromedia Freehand/MX in an emulator — wonder if I should try the Mac version in ARDI’s Executor if it’s still around.

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I just finished setting up an old Dell OptiPlex 9020 USFF with an i7-4690S, 16 GB DDR3 RAM, 256 GB SSD to be my hackintosh. I didn’t think I needed one, but it is apparent that book publishing is MUCH easier with Vellum. But I blew my money on a gaming PC that is AMD-based with a 3060-Ti nVidia card. Since I can’t hackintosh that (due to no onboard graphics with AMD), I bought this bad boy for less than $270 on eBay. Works perfect and faster than I would have thought—and I had an M1 Macbook Air back in the day.

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