Harder and harder to find good reviews

Gizmodo in this case. I am actually interested in a new bedroom speaker, possibly a smart one, after a power spike took out my Bose revolve.

Since I have an iPhone and Mac I might be a target for the home pod.

In this case though she’s ridiculously pro Sonos and anti Apple.

And that’s ok I suppose, but what bothers me about these reviews, is that she makes a lot of assertions about Sonos or Google being “better” without any fact based data to back them up. And It’s not just her as all of the major blogs seem to do it now.

And she also ignores what IMHO is an ongoing issue with ALL of the smart speakers in that the “smart” functions are still very buggy regardless of platform. That was true of the older HomePod but is also very true of the Google Nest max we have in our office which only gets voice commands correct on the first try about 60% of the time.

TLDR this review was not helpful.

Apple’s Second Attempt at the HomePod is Not a Redemption (gizmodo.com)


Yeah, I guess doing a real deep-dive review takes a lot of effort, and doesn’t vastly increase the site traffic. Other than that, good reviews by individuals are also harder and harder to find in between the oceans of fake reviews. Which I suspect will only get worse now that ChatGPT is a thing.

Thankfully there are still a few good sites. Example for an airpods pro vs. beats comparison on Soundguys.com (they also have a homepod 2 review), or a site like Notebookcheck.net that goes in great detail on actual performance, like in this SLS review. So they’re out there, but it’s slim pickings.

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My problem is the lack of written reviews. It seems like everything is a youtube video these days. I’d still rather read than watch b-roll while someone talks about stuff.


Have you checked out rtings.com?

I find they provide a nice balance of hardware testing details (like freq response graphs), as well as qualitative assessments without bias.

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I have. They are great with TVs and monitors, but I have some issues with the methodologies they use with other stuff.

I do agree though that they are quite neutral

Not to mention the hemming and ahhhing and stonking and mic breathing and tangental discourse and…


Isn’t this phenomenon balanced by the fact that streaming culture as essentially made all video content “background” activity?

That is, you’re probably annoyed because you are actually watching the video. :stuck_out_tongue: Every zoomer knows you’re supposed to just let it play in the background while you play League (or something equally frivolous, but central to the modern lifestyle).


In my case, it’s because I can’t actually listen to someone talk in real time. I have three boys that I homeschool, so they are always here, all the time, needing stuff from me. There is not a time in my life where I can sit for 10 minutes and listen without someone interrupting to talk at me or ask me about stuff. My ADHD husband who works from home is just as bad about popping in to tell me random stuff, 2 minutes into any video I attempt to watch.

I’m currently working on my fourth attempt to get through a video about the boox tab ultra. I’m making progress, 15 minutes in now.


I am a living walking anachronism.

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