A screed against phone fandom (Android Central)

I agree with the authors main point which is that affection for a company versus appreciation for specific products is at best misguided.

But it’s more than a bit disingenuous considering both the author and Android Central as whole ongoing boosterism of all things Android.

In other words, “pot meet kettle…”

Phone fandom is alive and well (and foolish) | Android Central


Sorry, but the whole article reads as an Android fanboy howling at an Apple fanboy with a notch cut in his bangs…


I stay away from all the specific brand/company ‘fan’ websites.

My only exceptions were AllAboutSymbian and AllAboutWindowsPhone (and AllAboutMeego for its short life), as Steve and the team there were generally very balanced and fair in their coverage. It think not going to the big events and it really more being their hobby (all having actual proper jobs as well) kept their egos in check.