ChargerLAB KM003C a very useful USBC power measurement tool

Probably not a mainstream item by any measure, but very useful if you have need for it like us, or if you are a hardcore tinkerer. And yes for us anyway, it replaced the “Twinkie”

USB-C Power Metering with the ChargerLAB KM003C: A Google Twinkie Alternative? (

PS: Unfortunately Anandtech continues to be a shadow of it’s former self overall since Anand himself left…

That is one of tech’s biggest losses that has gone uncovered by the rest of the tech press - but I guess it happens elsewhere (PCMag after Bill Machrone; Byte after Jerry Purnelle; etc.).

Ian Cutress arguably filled his shoes but once Ian left, the site has become worse than Tom’s Hardware. Then there are the tech YouTube channels that are few and far between in detail and depth that cannot approach the medium and manner of old AnandTech.