Beginning part of curve gets recognized as short straight line segment; might be related to Wacom EMR initial activation force?

(I vaguely remember this or similar issue might have been discussed before in the old TPCR forum which is now closed.)

When I write a letter, e.g., “C”, I’m pretty sure I was drawing a curve, but the beginning part is recognized as a short straight line segment:

I tried changing the “click threshold” in HP Create Control Panel on my HP ZBook x2, but both the lowest and highest thresholds still won’t improve it or resolve the issue:

If I draw a curve extremely slow, this might be improved sometimes (but seems not always). But my main usage is note-taking/writing, so I must write/draw something quickly or at least not slowly. I’m wondering why this happens. Is this related to Wacom EMR initial activation force, or could this be a driver issue?

I wrestled with this and discovered through random trial and error that changing the tip sensitivity in the Wacom driver made the problem go away, at least on the gear I use:

-Though, you do have to fudge with the pressure response curve in Clip Studio Paint to compensate. It’s probably the same in other software, but I don’t really draw anywhere else these days.

Anyway, I think the core problem has to do with the clock speed of the under-screen digitizer. I vaguely recall that Wacom antennas run at something like 240 or even 120 Hz, which, when you do the math, is pretty slow on the uptake. -Those are old numbers though, sussed out from more than 10 years ago when I was really digging into the tech. The newer Wacom gear might be faster now.

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