IOS and Android Tablet Computer stylus , From the in-depth evaluation of Chinese technology blogger

The most detailed test content on the Internet

By testing the real pen delay, 45 ° diagonal accuracy, stylus touch resolution, pressure sensing level and initial activation force, pen tip damping, etc


Stylus delay test of the manufacturer’s official built-in writing app(Delay after AI prediction processing)

Third party stylus application pen curve test average delay

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Active capacitive pen apple applepencil handwriting touch positioning point resolution

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45 ° diagonal jitter rate test(No screen protective film)

45 ° diagonal jitter rate test(Install the screen protective film)


Initial activation force of 90 ° vertical pen

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Maximum tilt recognition angle

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Fantastic! Thanks!

Out of interest, are you the one who did the Wacom EMR stylus write-up on the old forum?

Wacom emr style’s post was written by me


Cool, cool.

I’ve put it in the notes for the EMR stylus list wiki post, though I can’t find it in the archive. If you can find the link to it, then please feel free to add it to the wiki post.