Apple Watch Ultra - A New Ruggedness Champ?

Mods may reposition this wherever they feel it fits best, but not until you watch this guy HAMMER the Watch Ultra with a small sledge hammer to the point the table top gives before the watch (starting at 2:30 mark)…

I still think idiots like this ARE IDIOTS, but was shocked what it took to break his shiny new toy…


I found this to be more interesting in that it wasn’t just destroying the device just to destroy it. (Spoiler, it survives).

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Typical Apple: some fun animations and design choices. The depth is indicated by sort of a meniscus that gets held up between the number indicators so it doesn’t obscure them. Putting the ‘fun’ in functional. :slight_smile:


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Garmin has entered the chat

I’d say any if the high end Garmins, Polars, Suuntos, etc. are just as, if not more rugged.

They just haven’t (so far) attracted the idiots who deliberately smash stuff until it is broken.

I didn’t deliberately set out to do so, but my previous Garmin Fenix, was on my arm when i was in a fairly serious motorcycle accident. I had a car pull out in front of me and I broadsided the car and went airborne over the handlebars.

When I landed I had cracked my helmet, and utterly disintegrated my jacket and the glove was that was on the same hand.

It definitely took a hit with multiple large scratches on the body and even one on the sapphire crystal but was otherwise unaffected. And it even recorded my crazy heart rate changes during the incident.

The only reason I ultimately gave it to my father was that I wanted a feature upgrade , specifically where they updated to a trans-reflective backlit display.

And my current Fenix is coming up on 5 years old and just last week got a software update.

TLDR Apple still has a lot to yet to prove in the rugged wearable space with Garmin, Suntu and Casio G-Shock already well established.

That all being said, Apple has by far the most informative and useful display info whereas with my Garmin, I have to wait until I sync with my phone to get any significant info about my workout.


I quite near gasped there for a second! So relieved you survived so you are still here with us! It sounds like this was some time ago though given that this was with your previous Fenix and your current Fenix is nearing the five year mark. :slight_smile:


Thanks, yes about seven years ago and I was in the hospital for almost two weeks.

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I get most of the data about an activity on my Garmin watch under the all stats section, but I have the newer Forerunner 945 LTE.