Any input for getting pressure sensitivity to work in Linux on a tablet pc... for Windows programs

So, I wanted a get-things-done secondary device that would let me focus (aka, have no browser, social media, etc), but would still be a fully functional computer. I’m exploring Ubuntu 22.04 on my Thinpad Yoga 14 to allow me to do this. So far, there’s a lot to like! I have Libre Office for the moment, which works for my basic word processing needs, Dropbox to sync across laptops to my Surface Laptop Studio, and an older version of Sketchbook Pro installed using Wine for work. I want to get Sketchup up and running too. Maybe an older version of CS6.

My issue? Pressure sensitivity for Sketchbook, which requires (I think) Windows Ink. Anyone ever set something like this up? And if so, how did you do it?

I’m using an older Thinkpad 14 with Wacom AES. If I needed to get a small supplemental cheap tablet for it to work, I’ve give that a go just to try it out. But as it stands… nope. Otherwise, totally adequate for these needs, since all video work, video conferencing, Youtube videos, etc would be done on the SLS.