Use of tablets as secondary displays

Apparently this got markedly better and I didn’t notice it?

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One of the GREATEST features of the Tab S8 Ultra that no one talks about is the ‘Second Screen’ feature. SuperDisplay a $10 app works really great. The Tab S8 Ultra has basically replaced my Wacom Cintiq as my main Photoshop editing device. It’s higher resolution, wireless, lighter, portable, and the S-Pen might be even better… Samsung’s built-in ‘Second Screen’ works OK, but it used to work much better than it does now, I don’t know what happened, but hopefully they will update it to work as good as SuperDisplay does.


Is there a similar app/driver which allows a Mac to use an Android tablet thus? How well is the Apple iPad/Apple Pencil/desktop Mac integration working these days?

How well does it work if one has a Windows tablet unit? Would I be pleased running this on a Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra paired w/ my Galaxy Book 3 Pro 360?

SuperDisplay had always been great. I already replaced my Chinese drawing screen with my Tab S7 FE over SuperDisplay. Over USB 3.0 and it’s very reliable, no lag, pen work great without any driver issue I encountered from Chinese tablets. The resolution is also very high with touch support, I would have to pay almost a grand for a drawing screen with the same features.

As for your question due to Apple reason, Mac doesn’t seem to allow extend mode on anything other than ipad Sidecar. Astropad seem to have managed to work around that but it requires additional dongle hardware and subscription and probably only support iPad. If it’s just mirror then Easy Canvas seem to be a great candidate.

I made a list here on which software support what. If anyone have any input, fell free to add to it.

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You know you can connect it as a second screen without the use of an app, right?
Start Smart view, open the menu (3 dots), then tap on About. On the next screen tap Smart view (the top) 6 - 8 times to get a hidden menu. There you can start a Second screen. The Win+K on the PC.

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You mean the Samsung feature that allow the Samsung tablet to be detected as wireless display? It more or less work, but the quality much depends on your wifi connection and the resolution is limited to 1080p with black bars. Pen support work on Windows out of the box but I doubt it is on a Mac. Mac itself is the biggest limitation that make Pen support + extend display very difficult.

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Exactly. I’m using the Tab 6 Lite so no black borders (smaller screen?). When using Office it works surprisingly well.

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@CrazyCat I feel badly that I missed your excellent post on this (I’ve found this very hard to research because of the overlapping search terms).

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