Angling a 2-in-1

Apologies if this has been discussed but didn’t quite know how to word this but… When using a 2-in-1 in draw/tablet position (keys folded behind, just screen), I’ve been propping a rolled up cloth between the screen and base of the laptop to give it an angle (also desk raised up to avoid getting a bad neck/back/life)! This is fine for the first fleeting moments of its life, I can’t get too heavy handed as the laptop wants to skid about the desk, but eventually the cloth becomes sentient, becoming compresed, sagging, sad and eventually makes its escape via the back and off down a mountain to a happier life to be used in a restaurant as a napkin or something!

Any products/advice for something that can prop up a 2-in-1 laptop in drawing/tablet mode at an angle (maybe a variety of angles) that won’t sag or skid about as I draw?

I use a n older version of this type stand



If you also like to draw on your lap, this might work for you.

Otherwise I’d probably go with something like Bishop suggested.

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In Japan I see a lot of kids with rolled up foam mats sitting in Starbucks. Sort of like a yoga mat for a tiny pooch. They buy them in Daiso (Japanese Dollar Store).


Amazing how you can sum up all of modern society in such few words.

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Ended up with this

Totally happy with it, good size for the 16" Galaxy Book, angles are plentiful, no more neck aches or screen on a run away if I pressed too firm! Living the dream!