Surface Go shock

Soo, for the first time ever, for some strange reason it just hadn’t hapened before, i put up my Surface Go right next to my Galaxy Tab 6 Lite in portrait mode next to each other on stands. Thinking I shoud enjoy a writing session on two screens on the terrace outside at my local Starbucks.

Whoa, those bezels. Hadn’t considered that before but suddenly the Surface Go reminds of what Seth Rogen is doing with Alta Vista a screeching modem and a stolen ■■■ tape. Can’t believe how big they are and how thoroughly ancient it makes the device look suddenly. Can’t unsee it now.

Yeah, those Bezels are big. Are you using the Go 1 or Go2? The slim bezel reduction the Go 2 got was ok, but they really need to Pro8/ProX to the Go 4’s design.

On a side note I do have a suggestion for you that will make good use of those bezels. Pick up on eof these

It was designed for Macbooks (which is works terribly on) but I used this many times with my Pro 5 and my zBook X2 to mount the Tab S6 lite on top of each device. (which is handy for a small coffee shop table). I was considering getting the Tab S7 FE since its 12 inch screen would make it quite equivalent in size to the Pro 5, but the Surface Go should be close enough to the Tab S6 lite in terms of size. Run superdisplay and you essentially have a makeshift Surface Neo. You just have to be careful with the angle of the kickstand, given the extra weight it will be supporting.

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I don’t have those specific Mountie+ but do have something similar. Problem is that I run Windows 10 S on the original Go so I can’t install external drivers like SpaceDesk.

Why are you leaving it on 10S? you cant’ update to full Windows 10? That was like the first thing I did when I got the Go1.

I got sucked in by the security of it.

Pics or it didn’t happen, Kuma.