Yet another entry in to the thin client sweepstakes (amazon fire cube)

It seems companies are hell bent on dragging us to the cloud, regardless of sale/perception has been so far.

And BTW this isn’t really innovative as the dev community has been hacking the cubes with custom Linux builds almost since their inception though this is the first using Amazons heavily customized/forked version of Android

Amazon’s $195 thin clients are repurposed Fire TV Cubes | Ars Technica


So why do I keep resisting just chucking everything for an iPad Pro + iCloud?

I think I need to revisit the idea of a Mac Mini personal cloud with Nord VPN + Meshnet :batman_thinking:


UPDATE: I tried Nord VPN and Splashtop, and they are at best “ok” if on Wi-Fi networks, but once I go remote, even with 5g on my iPP11, it’s unsatisfactory. Guess I’ve been spoiled by all my laptop days…