Windows CE finally ends

One of the more notable failures of MS IMHO.

It had a great concept that among other things made it much more secure than regular Windows (and why for instance it was used in ATMS)

But as with all things MS of late, died of neglect and/or fell out of fashion with the leadership in MS

And one other thing that’s often overlooked is how efficient it was, running at least acceptably on much lower level hardware than standard Windows. (we used it quite a bit early on with our custom devices)

However, that fact that it was called WINCE internally says a lot about how many at MS felt about it.
Windows CE, Microsoft’s stunted middle child, reaches end of support at 26 years | Ars Technica


I really want a sad face/frown to react to that.

I really wish that there was a better successor in the mobile device space tha Android or the iPad, and I really hope someone is successful w/ an unencumbered Linux device soon.

Wince was a revelation on my pocket PCs. RIP.


I loved mine…



I loved that thing!