Swipemageddon - a list of iOS swipe gestures

I mentioned elsewhere that the number of swipe gestures in iOS was getting out of hand. Here’s a list of gestures I regularly use on my iPhone 12 mini. iPadOS adds even more multitouch gestures. Note: I have Safari show the address bar on the bottom, which adds a few handy gestures. It’s getting hard to keep all of these straight though!


  • the basics: left, right, top, down to pan and switch pages, pinch to zoom
  • horizontal along bottom edge to switch apps
  • down from top right edge for quick settings
  • down from top left for notifications
  • right from (first) Home Screen to see widgets
  • short inward from bottom to go back to home
  • long inward from bottom to see task switcher
  • upward on app in task switcher to close app
  • down from center of Home Screen to bring up search
  • left on lock screen notifications for options
  • left on lock screen to activate camera
  • right on lock screen to show widgets
  • up from center of lock screen to reveal past hidden notifications (iOS16)

Safari (with address bar at bottom)

  • up from the address bar to bring up tab switcher
  • short pinch on page to bring up tab switcher
  • left on tab in switcher to close tab
  • left or right on address bar to switch tabs or open a new tab
  • in from left edge to navigate back
  • in from right edge to navigate forward
  • down from center of page to refresh

Did I miss any? :sweat_smile:

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