Swipe style keyboards

I don’t know what it is about me and swipe style keyboards…
But every new phone I’ve had (i.e. Fold3 recently), whatever new swipe style keyboard seems to read my mind at first with impeccable accuracy.

But slowly but surely over time, it begins to contradict every intended word I try to swipe out. it gets to the point that even with simple everyday common words like “driving”, “later”, “busy” yield obscure suggestions of words that I rarely ever utter in everyday speaking. I mean it wants to suggest words like “spork” or “calliope” or “Lufthansa” where it isn’t even in the same area code in terms of context or matching probability.

I keep thinking that this thing should be learning as I go, especially when I’m constantly deleting it’s suggestions, but it just seems to get even worse that it becomes unusable.

Anyone encounter this or have any tips to improve this?

Let’s see. My swiping experience is like this. It’s accurate most of the time, though does get confused with words that have common letters like, swiping. Worked this time though. Hey, this time it seems to have gotten it 100% correct!

Usually though, I got back to thumb typing, as swiping always gets something wrong, and I find it slower to correct and incorrect swipe than a type. On my Fold though, I have a tendency to hit the ‘n’ key instead of the spacebar a lot. On the small outer display I do use swiping more.

I’ve never cleared my swiping history, though I do occasionally try a new keyboard. Currently using GBoard as their Japanese drawing input is by far the best.