Surface Go 4 LTE, When?

Hi folks,

I’m currently holding out buying Surface Go 4 due to it’s not having LTE/5G.
Any of you with insider/supplier knowledge if the LTE variant will follow?

The previous Surface Gos had their LTE model launched like 3-4 months after Wi-Fi model.



Given all that I know so far, I would say don’t hold out much hope if any. I think Microsoft’s new strategy is treating the Go as the “red-headed stepchild” value brand. It may also be a move to make the upsell case for WOA, which is to say if you want cellular, you may need to step up to a WOA Surface Pro 10. Your best bet is getting the rumored 11” Surface Pro 10 with Snapdragon X Elite with ETA spring or summer next year if you need cellular.

Yes. I would not expect a cellular model until the 11" ARM version of the Go is released. I don’t think we’ll see cellular in the Go4.

Not to “P” in your Post Toasties, but I think the entire Surface line is teetering on the edge of extinction. I’m beginning to think more and more that Thurrott may be right about the current “messaging” being the same as Windows Phone one year before they officially announced its demise. With some luck, they might sell it off to Lenovo (just like Thinkpad was by IBM) who seems to experiment more than the rest of the OEM’s.

I think M$ doesn’t really give a :rat: about hardware - it is now all hands on deck to make their software platform agnostic and drive EVERYTHING to the cloud (Azure) and AI. Sure, they’ll keep QC marching on, especially the NPU part, but there will be no further hardware leadership from M$. My hope is that Lenovo and Samsung will slug it out in the 11-12" tablet space, and that EMR wins…

And the good little capitalist in me says “Why not?” because it maximizes ROI to shareholders, and what’s the risk to M$ - Asus/Dell/HP/Lenovo/Samsung et al have no OS alternative, and Office rules the market, so just continue the Buzz Lightyear quest and let the OEM’s deal with a sagging hardware market…


PS - hopefully I’m stuffed full of wild blueberries and @Bronsky is right, and M$ becomes the king of ARM hardware…


I can always count on you for my daily dose of morning positivity. :wink:

Maybe we should have a ‘Rants’ section, some of these are pretty epic.


My glass is ALWAYS less than half-empty!

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as @Bronsky and @Hifihedgehog have already said, it’s unlikely there will be an LTE Intel Go 4.

Off the record a couple of engineers have told us that this is a stop gap device (mostly for corporate) until the truly revamped Go is ready, which MS had hoped would have been this cycle, but was not possible due to supply chain difficulties.

Reading between the lines and inferring from other sources, the forever delayed SnapDragon 7c gen 3 was probably the intended chip set and that of course will come with onboard 5G

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Hopefully, that plan is eclipsed by the new line of ARM chips from Qualcomm.


Don’t hold your breath on the Nuvia based chips appearing in a Go type device, at least in the first go round, from what we are hearing because…

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Well, as long as they’re in the 11" Pro, who needs the Go?

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