SSDs just IMPOSSIBLE to recover data?

Spinny metal Hard Drives always worked well with Recuva.
Now, with an Nvme SSD drive, I can’t recover anything that’s gone into the recycle bin. What gives?

Sorry it’s mostly a rant, I just lost all my artwork on my Sammy Tab from a mistake I did.

Oh man, that sucks… This is a Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra, running Android?

Yes that’s true of pretty much all modern SSDs caused by both the nature of SSDS where the bits are physically encoded, combined with the firmware used, designed to prevent indirectly what you are trying to do, not to impede what you are doing, but in the name of security, to prevent others from recovering your data.

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More or less, but it’s transferring all my art files from S8 to PC to S9. The program I use is a little shakey on transfer. I transferred the wrong files, and I deleted them off my PC.

That… really does make a good case to go back to spinny disks again. This sucks…

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I don’t want to give you false hope, but is there any chance at all that something like Recuva locates some of the deleted files? And as always: the less you write to that disk, the better the chance of recovery (but maybe still zero chance on SSDs, sorry).

From what I read, the true “purge” happens on a TRIM command that the SSD occasionally (often?) runs, so complete file loss is not instant.

This is what I read on the CCleaner forum (I think they absorbed Recuva):

And to ask the obvious: they’re not in the recycle bin any more, right?

I’ll reinstall recuva to check tonight.
And yes, empty recycle bin’d.

If you can install it as a standalone to run off a USB stick, that would improve your chances from 0.0000009 to 0.0000010, by avoiding further SSD write activity.

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Oh yeah, i have an old 4tb wdhd i’ll install it to. But thanks for the reminder.

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