How does your Reliability Monitor look?

I recently did a clean install of Win11, hoping that it would remove some recurring errors. Looking in the reliability monitor, looks like it didn’t help much! :scream:

I’m curious how others here are faring!

Pretty similar here, though I am running it on a device that isn’t supported.

Most of it is ‘Windows stopped working’ (geee, thanks), ‘Windows was not properly shut down’ (probably Modern Standby - thanks Microsoft), and for some reason PowerToys (which I have noticed zero issues with).

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Same for me, a TON of “windows wasn’t properly shut down” errors. I recently checked the event viewer and found some errors mentioning lack of space allocated for fast boot or so. I increased that space, and haven’t seen the error again. Weird that the default config allocated too little space.

The other ones are a search app that’s almost abandonware (X1 search) so can’t really blame windows for that one.

Another repeat offender is Drawboard (, hope they’re getting the logs.

All in all not terrible, but a lot less stable than I recall from the good ole Windows 7 days.

It seems that the record was wiped clean when I did the 22H2 Update? Anyway, Xbox Game Bar is the culprit most of the time. Improperly shut down occasionally (game freeze required forced quit). Radeon Graphics used to crash a lot, not so much lately. Overall not too bad for me.

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Wow - ashamed to even post this amazing how I just ignore this stuff…most of these are OneDrive related issues…

Probably better for your sanity. Mine is already gone. :smiley: My conclusion is that Windows 11 is most stable when I don’t use it. :+1:t2:

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