Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6

Looks like @Bronsky will finally get to move on to a foldable:


Wow. Verizon has a pre-order deal on the S24 Ultra at $5 month for 36 months ($180) with an upgrade of the 5G line to the top tier (extra $10 month). I was very tempted but this really gives me pause. I like the thinner design and the squatter aspect ratio of this design.

There is obviously no silo and don’t expect one in a thinner phone. But, I might be able to deal with that if a proper case is designed.

Damn Dale! Making this difficult.

I wish Google Fi had that deal right now. I can get an S24 Ultra for $25 a month if I also upgrade my plan to be almost $80 more a month because we have 5 lines and it’ll be $15 more per line. Not a great deal for data I don’t need.

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nice, sign me up if that comes out. hopefully I’ll be able to get a good trade in value for my Z Fold 5. The new design makes it look on par with the Surface Duo 2.

Hopefully they will still retain pen support, and find some way to reduce the hinge gap when in table modes. Its make the pen for art use nearly useless.

If they can get wireless charging for the Spen into a case at least, then I’d be content enough. Using it as a camera remote is very handy.

Still smarting and dealing with the lack of a 3.5mm port though.

These fold x rumors remind me more and more of the touch screen Mac rumors. Eg more wishful thinking than reality