Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6

Looks like @Bronsky will finally get to move on to a foldable:


Wow. Verizon has a pre-order deal on the S24 Ultra at $5 month for 36 months ($180) with an upgrade of the 5G line to the top tier (extra $10 month). I was very tempted but this really gives me pause. I like the thinner design and the squatter aspect ratio of this design.

There is obviously no silo and don’t expect one in a thinner phone. But, I might be able to deal with that if a proper case is designed.

Damn Dale! Making this difficult.

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I wish Google Fi had that deal right now. I can get an S24 Ultra for $25 a month if I also upgrade my plan to be almost $80 more a month because we have 5 lines and it’ll be $15 more per line. Not a great deal for data I don’t need.

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nice, sign me up if that comes out. hopefully I’ll be able to get a good trade in value for my Z Fold 5. The new design makes it look on par with the Surface Duo 2.

Hopefully they will still retain pen support, and find some way to reduce the hinge gap when in table modes. Its make the pen for art use nearly useless.

If they can get wireless charging for the Spen into a case at least, then I’d be content enough. Using it as a camera remote is very handy.

Still smarting and dealing with the lack of a 3.5mm port though.

These fold x rumors remind me more and more of the touch screen Mac rumors. Eg more wishful thinking than reality

I love the aspect ratio of the new fold. The phone is still thick but sleek. SAMSUNG Z FOLD 6 FIRST LOOK :scream::exploding_head::fearful: #shorts #short (


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I knew that wasn’t coming so no big surprise. I like the new aspect ratio and the non-glare/brighter display. I have been looking at the S23U but the Fold keeps drawing my attention.

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Aspect ratio is great, but dang, that thing looks thick though. I’m still leaning towards the S24U now that it has a flat screen.

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Yea. Me too really (actually, the S23U). ATM, Verizon is still asking for $13/month for 3 years with my Note 10 as trade in. I am guessing that it will drop to $0 by the time the fold is released. That way, I’ll get the chance to handle the fold before I buy the S24U.

My poor old Note 10 is really on its last legs. I do so love its size though. It’s been a great phone.


I know I’m beating a dead horse here, but the main reason a folding phone in my use case is a larger screen format to ink in OneNote. The Android version of the app is still worse than dismal.

The iPad Mini 6 is enough screen (albeit without folding) and a much better UI on OneNote for me.

I still think the Honor Magic V2 is more interesting hardware than SGZF6.

I just can’t get excited about paying so much to buy new frustrations.

There is a part of me that yet hopes for a day when WOA success will breathe new life into sub-ten inch windows tablets.

“Ah but man’s reach should exceed his grasp, or what’s a heaven for?”
— Robert Browning


Very similar boat here, but I am forever stuck in Blue Bubble land, so I have to proceed from an iPhone anchor…so your highlighted comments above really speak to me. Since Apple won’t give me a MacPad, the iPad Mini is a much better solution to my note taking needs at nearly half the weight of my iPP11 (and you are right, OneNote on Android is abysmal).

I would like to say a sub-11" WOA full replacement for everything would be my solution, but I don’t think we’ll see that any time soon, AND I have real reservations about the Microsoft’s path being guided by forsaking everything but AI…I sometimes wonder if the “A” stands for “advertising” not “artificial”…

My use case for a fold is the ability to read documents for annotation or signature. Most of them are PDFs. I just can’t read them on my phone and often have to wait until I am somewhere that I can get my Pro X out of the briefcase.

In the back of my mind, I know I have the fantasy that I will be able to leave my briefcase at home and be able to address anything needed while on the go with the fold. I don’t know how practical that is. Onenote is a bonus. But, you are correct, that it is really limited in Android. Still, it performs better than Outlook, which is unusable for me. With Windows’ commitment to Android phones, you would think that they would make Office work better on the OS.

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Ooh. That’s good. Stealing it.

I used the SDuo that way for several months in late 2020/early 21. It was about an 80% solution that could keep most things managed until I could get back to a desktop. It came at the price of dealing with Android again, which over time proved too mentally taxing. Even I can’t keep up with 3 such disparate UIs.

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This. There is still a lot I need to learn about MacOS, but the synergy of the walled garden is really pretty impressive (even Thurrott - he recounted his same reaction as mine - what amazement when I could clip and save something to the clipboard on one device and paste it in either of the other two). Even if I could get an 11" Surface Pro with ARM that was performant, I would still miss that integration across devices.

Great example just yesterday - my client was out on a well and was negotiating with the operator for a property trade - I was looking up company ownership to find out his new partner was a three level shell for NY investment capital group with no oil & gas background and was sharing that to iMessage on my Mac to his iPhone; including links to websites. No retyping; taking pictures of my computer screen with my phone. etc. Not a common occurrence but SO MUCH EASIER.


Ummm, what’s the difference between that and say using WhatsApp, Slack, Facebook Messenger, Discord, Teams, etc.?

Because very few of my clients use any of those, and it is not seamless to coordinate all those services between my MBP or iPad and the iPhone.


That sounds like a US-centric problem, not an OS one.