Microsoft, Just Make a Surface Monitor Already !(PC Mag)

I missed this until today but I kind of agree. And I know many of our customers that have gone in on the Surface line would agree.

Microsoft, Just Make a Surface Monitor Already! | PCMag


I agree with you and the author, but the answer lies in one sentence of the article:

Unless Microsoft is cool with selling these at a loss, it’s clear that the Surface Studio absolutely works as a concept for an all-in-one PC for digital artists and designers.”

Given the already obsolete innards with each launch of the Surface Studio, I am convinced the awesome screen and stand would have to be sold at an Apple nose bleed price, which means it is DOA.


I like the concept and would covet one, but alas could not afford the $urface premium.

28-inch Pen and Touch would be at a premium, but nothing beyond we’ve seen from Wacom in the present or past as far as insane pricing, and they are still in business.

Hopefully Microsoft will one day give us this. Or at least a Studio with an upgradeable base.

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