Lurkers and regulars, got any cool new tech this Christmas?

Curious if anyone here got some sweet new tech over the holidays! I’m afraid I’ve been my own Santa for the past months, but hopefully some of you got cool tech presents. :crossed_fingers:t2:


Nothing too cool, just the Kindle Scribe as already discussed, and a small Wacom Intuos tablet for my MacBook — bought it for the programmable shortcut keys (doing a lot of data entry for my day job, and programming a couple of repetitive keyboard shortcut saves a bit of time/effort, even factoring in the occasions when they fire too quickly for the program to keep up and I have to press the key a second time).


That’s a pretty nice one though, one of the big developments of this tech year! :+1:t2:

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I’m my own Santa. It’s too awkward and difficult to explain my tech wish list.


That, and my tech wishes exceed Santa’s budget these days. :sweat_smile:


I have a pair of new earbuds coming in the mail probably tomorrow and a new projector to replace our aging one that should arrive tonight. Nothing super tech-y.


Nothing of much note this end-of-year. Yet another ergo mouse to try but it doesn’t arrive till Jan 6.

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Got in on a banging s8+ trade-in deal the week before Christmas. It’s really just for reading Kindle and other entertainment purposes, so it’s overkill, but the price was stupid so here we are. I have now unnecessarily updated every piece of my mobile tech this year, even though I work from home.


Nothing for me, but I bought for my wife, the same LG QHD ultrawide display that @JoeS bought earlier in the fall. She had never really used an UltraWide prior to me bringing home a few of them that we had been testing for our corporate parent, and was quite enamored of them potentially for some of parts her workflow.

The Costco deal at $150 off made it a no brainer. And it does a decent job with widescreen HDR content like Dr. Strange on Disney (also a personal favorite of hers)


I got a few gift cards that will soon be converted into cool new tech. Probably either headphones or a gaming controller that clips onto the phone.

A few days after Christmas, our microwave started sparking and smoking. Thanks to Totaltech, my 1.5 year old microwave went back for store credit and since we don’t use it much, I replaced it with a smaller, cheaper one and now have some extra store credit. I’ve also built up a good bit of reward points to go with it.


I got a lump of coal in my stocking for Christmas. :vb-agree:

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The only piece of Tech I got was the Samsung Tab S8 Plus.

I was contemplating either the 14-inch Ultra or the 12.4 Plus.

Since a good chunk of its use case will be for the purposes of Super Displaying it onto my Pro 8 as a secondary screen, I went with the Plus since its 12.4 screen makes it more approximate to the size of the Pro 8. Bought the Silver/256GB model refurbished off Ebay for around $600 (8GB of ram though)

As a secondary monitor it is a perfect companion to the Pro 8. And one thing I really like is the Tablet works perfectly with my HP Zbook X2 Pen. That pen always felt alittle off when using it on my Tab S6 lite, but it feels perfect on this tablet. (Much prefer the more rounded nibs)

I really can’t tell the whole super low latency difference, but this as perfected of a wacom drawing experience as one can get.

The only complaint I can levy at it is, its too thin. As much as I loved the thinness initially, I bought a cheap third party case for it which magnetically attaches to the back. When drawing on it I intially saw some weird responses from the pen…dead zones where the pen was unusable or went crazy. I thought maybe I had a lemon or a broken unit…until I googled the issue and realized it was the magnet from the case. The device is so thin, the magnet in my case was interfering with the pen performance. Once I removed the case, worked perfect. I bought a simmilar 3rd party case for my Tab S6 lite and that didn’t have this issue, but thats also a few mm thicker.

For the sake of pen performance, Samsung better not go any thinner with newer models.


Depending on where you live that could be worth something!!!

I tried to enable Advanced Data Protection on my apple icloud account and was informed that my Apple Watch Series 3 had to be removed to do so…

So, Apple Watch Series 6 for $180 is on its way. Otherwise, like y’all, I bought myself my Christmas gift. In my case it was a black Friday M1 12.9” iPad Pro.


Yeah, it always made me smh when i see these nice samsung note wallet cases but find they have magnets on them.

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