Lenovo Yoga Book 9i

I thought they were under a disclosure contract and not allowed to post unboxings until the units were available in stores.

The Yoga Book 9i is a very interesting device, and really speaks to my inner multi-tasker, but I don’t know I can upsize from the SP8, and I found the 3.5lb MBP14 seems like an arm stretcher. I can’t see carrying it without the case/stand, keyboard, and pen, so I’m sure it’s pushing over 4lbs and a bit of a struggle to carry sans bag.

Still, it will be interesting in the flesh. If only it were more Neo-esk…

Why is it all the old-timers that are the wimps on this forum? Didn’t you guys cut your teeth schlepping 28lb Osborne Executives on the commute. :stuck_out_tongue:

Then there’s @Bronsky who balks at carrying anything less delicate than a pursed-sized tablet. Cmon, you guys had to carry literal brick-sized cell phones!

You should be the ones telling us young’uns how we have it too good. And all this modern obsession with ‘thinness’ and ‘lightness’ prevents us from truly appreciating tech hardware! :smiley:


Over three decades ago.

We served our time so we DESERVE the best in the lightest package that can be made!



@lisaMobileTechReview has her review up:


Great review, as always @lisaMobileTechReview! If I hadn’t rediscovered the joy of my SP8 with LTE, this dual screen marvel would be on my shortlist. It would be even more compelling, for me, in Neo format.

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I’ve said it before…“aging eyes.” However, “aching back” also impacts my purchase choices.

FWIW, at one time I did lug around an IBM P75 “luggable.”


Aging Eyes :person_shrugging: Aching Back

I just love max portability - even on my iPad Pro 11" and the previous Surface Go 2, if text got too small I’d just go full screen on my apps - save the heavy lifting (pun intended) for that beautiful external monitor…

Things I wish:

  • the keyboard had a Trackpoint
  • it had Wacom EMR
  • the stylus didn’t scroll
  • Samsung will make a competing device (ideally using the same wonderful screen as on the Book 3 Pro 360, or an equally nice smaller panel which would fit in my EDC bag — a smaller 11" or so panel would be perfect, since it would work for portability, and would be a screen size which would really benefit from expansion)

One thing which wasn’t covered — how is it in tablet mode? (folded over so that the both displays are on the outside) Is it possible to flip the device over to switch between screens in that mode? Are both on (tent mode?) or will the accelerometer be used to detect which is up and turn the other off? Or is only the “main” display (presumably the one w/ the webcam) thus enabled?

This one is a real failure - I know they included a mouse, but can’t believe they missed this opportunity.