InifinteX2P - DeX for iOS?

Don’t know how I missed this one, but this developer has a working App to turn your iPhone 15/15 Pro into a DeX like external monitor with BETTER window control than Stage Manager…


Apparently Nintendo just filed a patent for connecting two gaming devices together for dual-screen functionality.

If this gets much better I’ll need to get a Samsung Android tablet as a second display.

So two things.

One, as of yet Apple hasn’t “blessed” anything, like this and has blocked similar apps from the app store.

Two, we hear that Samsung stands poised to sue if/when it does appear, on IP violation grounds.

I’m amazed Samsung could claim IP ownership of a desktop interface on another mobile platform, but could this be the reason Apple hasn’t implemented a DeX mode for iPad Pro?

Maybe they should call it Rex mode. That way they can say its different than Dex mode.

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Remember Apple VS Microsoft? which BTW most tech/legal experts I work with believe that if it were to be brought forward today, Apple would prevail.


More importantly on that, it resulted in Apple making some disastrously bad deals.

I bought a copy of Microsoft Basic for Macintosh and I still resent the Hell out of the circumstances which allowed it to exist:

I’m finally getting close to having a setup which will allow me to work on my current project in the same way TeX allowed me to do graphic design (no limits save for CPU, disk space, or human ingenuity), and if MacBasic had been around for me to use on my 128K Mac, my life would have been very different.

Agreed - but still think Xerox would trump them both. Still, had to be a h@ll of a tough pill to swallow taking the “investment” from M$ when near bankrupt - knowing they’d ripped them off so royally. (Or is that royalty free?)

And that’s something that I think Jobs doesn’t get nearly enough credit for. Talk about swallowing your pride…but with the long term vision to realize that it was the best means to the end he foresaw.

Snope calling…

Ah interesting, so according to the Wikipedia page:

Citing Brown Bag Software v. Symantec Corp. , the circuit court dissected the GUI to separate expression from ideas (as expression, but not ideas, are covered by copyright law).[1][10] The court outlined five ideas that it identified as basic to a GUI desktop: windows, icon images of office items, manipulations of icons, menus, and the opening and closing of objects.[1] The court established that Apple could not make copyright claims based on these ideas and could only make claims on the precise expression of them.

So did your lawyers hint at what changed in the interpretation of “precise expression”? At first blush, it would seem InfiniteX2P is in the clear because they have a pure web-app GUI that looks nothing like DeX.

I may have used one of the last Xerox systems. They still had them as terminals in the Federal Court in New Orleans when I clerked there in '87.

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Andrews & Kurth in Houston had an experimental setup in the mid-80’s that I got to see when taking depos down there (my partner was classmates with one of their head litigation partners). NOTHING was being kept in paper. Everything was scanned in the mail room and each original was stored in a huge archive by bates number only (think of that for a minute if you had been ordered by a court to turn over all of the client’s original files).

You’d get internal email with links to all your digital scans and have thirty days to either keep (meaning they went to the client folder on the server) or otherwise dispense with them. On those portrait size B&W hires screens documents looked like you were reading original paper, but alas the experiment ended with a thud because of OS reliability issues and upkeep costs…

They did not go into any detail other than pointing out that the MS Apple stuff was early days and that subsequent litigation such as the Samsung/Apple kerfuffle over the Galaxy S looking like iPhones (which Apple did prevail in generally speaking) established that the expression itself such as in an OS or shipping product very much was and precedent since has repeatedly affirmed that.

And that’s as far as I can go on the subject as my field is engineering not law.