Dex vs stage manager (Thao Huynh)

She’s one of my favorites for dex content. She comes to a similar conclusion as i did when i tried the iPad Pro in my Dex desktop set up. I think apple is trying too hard to reinvent the wheel. But high end apps go there first. So Dex is great, so long as android apps cover your needs. Stage manager is weird, but okay enough if you need the ipad apps.


When it comes to an external monitor, cut the BS Apple and allow the user to size and place windows as they see fit - not as you want them to do it.

No, no, no. You’re doing it wrong.


Not that simple unfortunately. It’s a legacy of IOS that ALL apps were full screen ones. That vast majority apps would have at a minimum UI issues and most for that matter would crash if they were not at one of the fixed resolution and aspect ratios of existing models of iPads.

This is one area where the ongoing merging of IOS and MacOS will help as Mac apps come to IOS


Unfortunately, in Apple glacial time, that means 2028…

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Well considering both Android and Windows challenges with various display resolutions and aspect ratios, I’d give Apple a C+ for effort, Windows a C and Android a D- (we still see many android apps that open in a phone sized window on a tablet)

True display independence (resolution, aspect ratio, bit depth) is still one of the holy grails of computing.

And specific to IOS, one of the developers at one of the major publishers that we work with told our IOS developer that it was only with the public beta of IOS 16 and stage manager that Apple even allowed anything less than a 4 or 5k external display.

That’s a legacy of Apple generally going all the way back to the very first “retina” displays.

And of course, MS decided to go a different way in their approach to high resolution displays and the two at some basic levels are mutually incompatible with each other though cross OS frameworks have helped somewhat.

But you can still see to this day that Mac OS and now IOS really only look and act their best on 4k or higher external displays whereas Windows excels at 1080 p or “nonstandard” resolutions such as QHD or the various Ultrawide resolutions/aspect ratios.

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