Explain Thyself! "I'm Henry VIII I am..."

True Confession Time - Again:

As everyone can see, the SP8 is on the chopping block - AGAIN.

I’ve made the jump, to a raft of older Apple gear. While contemplating a tempting $2199 ($200 savings) Black Friday offer from Best Buy on the new M3 Pro MBP 14 with 1tb ssd, I decided to jump the shark. Since we’ve now lost 2 of our 3 local channels on DirecTV (we haven’t had Fox since LAST YEAR’S World Series in October 2022), I decided to buy a used M1 Mac Mini (16gb/2tb/AppleCare+ to 1/19/25 - $875) for a home TV server setup - not going to miss the Superbowl, much less Xmas programming for my 3 year old granddaughter; and a M1 Pro MBP14 (16gb/1tb/1 yr wty - $1339) for me. Early birthday (well, next week) and Xmas gifts for me to tinker for $15 more than the new shiny (well actually dull black) M3 Pro.

I know I’m sounding like Peter Noone in “I’m Henry the VII” but even if Sammy came out with the end all be all tablet PC next year I’m just tired of the hamster wheel…

Going to lower my profile around here for a while, as this goes against the purpose of this site and any street cred in the tablet pc world, but will chirp about M$, AI, and the tech world in general…


I hope you’re as good at staying away from TPCR as you are at staying away from MacOS. :wink:


Oh darn - got notice of posting to this thread and thought I hooked a big one!

I haven’t had a tablet “PC” for 3 years now. Doesn’t stop me from posting fairly often. I feel like this forum is more “tablet PC review … and other cool tech”. A lot of that tech has to do with tablets, but there’s a whole lot of bleed over with the peripherals we discuss regularly.

Basically, what I’m saying is, you should stick around.






Hmmmm … no comment at this time. :sunglasses:

I’m more infamous than a certain person who has tire treads on file… :red_car:

And here I thought this was a thread about Herman’s Hermits.

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