5G is a significant advance in wireless tech and this guy is a dumb###

I swear I’m going to write a column like that, to counter the blatant misinformation in this article an others who somehow have decided they can join the “cool kids” by bashing it.

Just a couple of points…

Regardless of if you are in an area where you can still only get an LTE signal, the improvements to that come with it to the overall network still give you better overall speeds and improved signal aquistion.

And the biggest myth that continues to be propagated is that 5G somehow drains your battery faster. NOPE DIDN"T HAPPEN. At worst it’s a wash, with MMWAVE signals being almost identical to faster LTE in terms of power draw.

But CBand and the lower 5G is actually MORE power efficient at any given data rate.

I’ve said it until I’m blue in the face, but by a HUGE MARGIN what determines the battery drain from wireless access is your distance from the towers and thus how much your phone has to amp up the electronics to send/receive.

And BTW: If 5g is “worth it” as a reason to upgrade from an older phone is an entirely different discussion. END OF RANT

5G is a joke and the iPhone is the well-timed punchline | Macworld


Don’t EVER read a Macolope article - that person is a complete utter idiot and only exists to defend Apple (as here - “late to the party but so what”) or bash Apple critics. Totally worthless - every time.

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I will say that I have turned off 5G on my iphone 12 mini. It seems like TMo didn’t have its act together where I work, where the phone would show perfect signal strength on 5G, and I would have exactly zero internet. Kept happening for several days. Turned off 5G, problem gone.

Yes that’s a different issue than what this bozo is talking about. BTW; You might try resetting all network connections. Because of the way APN works they sometimes don’t update properly on their own. And that’s a carrier issue. Verizon has a somewhat similar issue at the moment with legacy CDMA

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BTW; How do you like your mini? My wife is getting tired of the size of her 11 pro Max and from what I’ve read the mini 13’s cameras are on par or better than the11 pro Max except of course for no telephoto which she never uses anyway?

Love it. The only downside is battery life, I think the 13 is better than the 12 in that front. I used it on vacation in Mexico with weak reception, lots of GPS use and full brightness, and boy did the battery percentage drop fast. In daily use it’s fine though.