Tablet PC Sightings

See a tablet PC in a store, at an airport, at a restaurant, or on TV? Post it here!

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Nice idea for a thread. Walking through a university cafetaria I was surprised to see how many students have a laptop and an iPad to write on alongside it. Haven’t they heard of Surface products? Then again, having the laptop and then a separate writing device is kind of practical.


While you could window switch, it really does break any flow you have. Can’t be having something physically separate to make notes or plan on from your information source.

Plus some things are easier to do with a pen/stylus, and I swear there was a study that found handwritten notes lead to greater retention than typed ones.


How many of those Laptops are Macbooks? A major benefit to getting a iPad along with a Macbook is being able to easily use it as 2nd monitor via sidecar.

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The lady across the table from me in the gymnastics lobby just whipped out a surface laptop studio. I’ve seen a whole lot more surface devices in the wild here in suburban Ohio than I ever saw in San Francisco. I’m of course the weirdo using my Fold 5 to drive my Nexdock 2. I have the Ally with me as well in case I need windows or get enough stuff done to game. Unfortunately, the Nexdock doesn’t put out enough juice to charge the Ally, so that’s a more limited set up.

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