Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 5

So far the only 8 inch Android tablet with S-pen newly released in the last few years. 6-8 GB RAM finally. There is also NFC, POGO charge, replacement battery and all the ruggedness known for this line. It’s like the only iPad mini competition without trying to be a competition.

The down side: 1cm thick and heave, which is the opposite of the ipad mini. And expensive business price with less than premium processor.

To be fair, probably the processor choice was to preserve battery life for prolonged use, instead of heavy 3d gaming session. I found my Note phone with Snapdragon 8xx battery go down a lot faster than my Exynos equipped tab a 2019 with spen, and it lasted a lot longer. I actually accidentally found out about this new release after a soda in my bag exploded and fried my tab A screen and was looking for an used Active 3 for replacement, but they’re excessively rare.

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Would be nice if they made a non-rugged version at a slightly cheaper price.

I got the Active 3 a couple of months despite suspecting an update was coming because it finally had reached a palatable price.

This does have more RAM, which the 3 does suffer from a lack of.

The thickness just simply isn’t an issue.

The price is just too much though.

I’m surprised that you can’t find a 3. There are plenty here in the UK.

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The pen silo in the tablet’s case is what all of the SPen tablets should have.

There doesn’t seem to be a market for it in my country. For that kind of money, most local consummer want something light and thin.

I wish i could get my hand on one of these, though. It would have definitely survived the soda accident.