Samsung Galaxy Book 4 Edge

Wish they hadn’t used “Edge” (painful reminder of Microsoft Edge and Copilot) but I LOVE this picture, because what is the ONE THING WOA users can do that Apple CAN’T -



I do miss touch screen on my macbook. Wish this was convertable with a pen though.

Can these new chips be detuned for fanless operation?

Same here - in fact it (plus pen support) is the only thing I strongly miss. I purposely say “strongly” because I do miss File Manager (for me Finder is still not as useful if you are a hierarchical file organizer).

Despite becoming more comfortable with the two devices, the iPad is still mostly a note taking device only. It’s all on me, I know, but I keep longingly look at Viticci’s Frankenstein device and scream - “I want one! (especially if that were a 12.9)”

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Yeah, I am very much on board with this idea. Though I think I’d stick with the 11" one he made. If I ever have enough disposable income that I’m comfortable just tossing it on an experiment like this, I’ll probably try to replicate it.

I agree on this as well, but the form factor just lends itself to the 12.9" visually.