OneXPlayer x1 3-in-1 tablet

This one seems v ideal to what I want
A 11” portable full fledge laptop. Unlike surface go

But I’m hesitant with the warranty / non-LTE

Anyone got any experience with this company?


I have zero experience, but dang, that is a pretty cool tablet!

Yea. I think UMPC is no longer popular. It seems like only boutique builders are creating machines in this category

Wanted legion go but it only came with 16gb ram

Then happened to see this

I think I will give it a try and see how


Let us know when you get it, and what you think!

If warranty is of concern to you, then listen to what others have to say about Chinese OEMs here, and don’t ignore it like I did.

tl;dr: Warranty is likely terrible from them.

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Yes, I ordered the Onexplayer 2. It arrived, had to pay around £80+ import duty and then… it wouldn’t hold the mSD card in place. Others had the same issue. Many, MANY messages were exchanged until it was sent back. Nice device.

Hardly a pain, but nothing like sending something back to Amazon the next day.

I also ordered an Ayaneo Geek. The resale value is awful. If in doubt, MSI claw/Rog Ally/Lenovo Go might be easier options.

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Well. Ordered it. Now waiting for delivery
Wished the ThinkPad x12 gen 2 had been announced earlier before I did the order

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Exciting! It does look good.

I’m going for the MSI Claw and hoping that MSI/Intel manage to create sensible drivers.

Wow, you like to live dangerously, don’t you? :skypewink:

Good luck. :four_leaf_clover:


Looking at early reviews, as well as other lapper’tops featuring the same cpu, it’s not looking good. I must simply buy it as it’s an update to my 13th gen i5 nuc. I’m used to NUCs and really like them so… the claw still fits.

But why not buy a Go or get an Ally?
They all have AMD, with 16Gb ram. By the time you’ve finished with vram, you’re left with x and y. Not a great deal to go around. The claw should have more ram sitting there (despite the performance negative).


No dispute from me. You know what you want and need.

Me? I know more than 16GB would be a waste for my usage. I don’t use or play anything that can’t run perfectly fine on 8GB and leave the rest for VRAM—which is never necessary for what I use.

I don’t do multiple heavy programs simultaneously. SkyrimSE, very modded, is the most demanding game I play at this time. One day I’ll need more RAM. Then I’ll make sure I buy something with more, as you are doing now. By then there will be even better devices that I’ll be wanting to upgrade to anyway.

Good luck with the Claw! :+1:


More on the “Is 16GB RAM Enough?” perennial question, personal edition.

I was tinkering with the Legion Go, seeing what does what for performance, and realized it has a built-in frame monitor. So I put it up and changed VRAM in the bios from stock 3GB to 6GB then back to 4GB VRAM after seeing that it was only using half of it in Skyrim SE:

Out of game, just the desktop running, 5.5GB RAM is used. ~8GB with game running in either setting. It’s probably safe to drop it to 3GB VRAM for me but I’ll let it ride at 4GB. (Note: I’m running 800p upscaled to 2560x1600. 1080p would eat more VRAM of course and 4k…well, that’s not happening on a current-gen handheld anyway.)

It’s definitely worthwhile to test your real-world needs before spending $$ on RAM upsells. I’ll need to do this again if I buy a newer game like Baldur’s Gate 3. See if my needs are still being met. Inevitably, eventually, I’ll need that 32GB system.

Though since the LeGo can easily do an eGPU it might be many years away. :smile_cat:

Edit: who am I kidding? I’ll be getting the next generation of these things regardless. After the proper rationalizations, of course.

Edit2: Seems like the Auto VRAM option in bios might work best for me. So far.


It’s looking like the Claw sucks in really bad ways. Will the drivers be updated? Will new firmware arrive? More new at 10.


Yup, looks disappointing when someone puts it head-to-head with the ROG Ally. More power consumption for less performance across the board, it seems. Not a wise choice at this time. Maybe down the road they can do something with drivers and firmware.

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Received it and tested. It feels premium and hefty built. I quite like the form factor. It’s like a book that I can pack into my bag

V impressed with the screen and sound quality

Battery life is not bad. At low wattage, it still feels faster than my old ThinkPad X12 Detachable Gen 1 and actually last longer in battery performance. I got over 8 hrs of usage with low settings. Not sure what sorcery magic is this

The only part that I feel could be better is the keyboard. It’s does not have magnets to close it tightly. And no LTE / 5G module. The in-house application like onexplayer console is slightly buggy. But it’s ok since I don’t use much

For the price, I feel it’s v worth it. 1.4K+ for a full fledge 64gb ram / 4 TB SSD with high spec cpu chip. Not sure why the hate

Time will tell whether this machine is long lasting or not. But so far no regret

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It’s not hate, just the inconvenience of dealing with such devices if they go wrong.

Unless you buy them from a reseller, you either get poor and expensive warranties or warranties that aren’t honoured.