New Wacom OLED drawing tablet

This looks impressive. And if they are using the panel I believe they are, it should be a superb device for things like photo editing, as well as the usual drawing


And touch enabled even. I wish it were about at least 5" bigger for the price.

Interesting that it uses a Pro Pen 3, as it will work with UD EMR/Feel styluses.

but Wacom says the tablet also supports “multiple pen technologies,” allowing it to work with Wacom’s Pro Pen 2 or third-party offerings from Dr. Grip Digital, Lamy, or Staedtler.

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I never thought of myself as having OCD - until I see a 16:9 screen. Sets my teeth on edge…


Out of stock.

I’m in as soon as it’s in stock

(and glad I didn’t impulse buy a Wacom One 13 w/ touch)

EDIT: Nope, didn’t realize it was 1920 x 1080.


Hi Wacom!
Bye Wacom.

Edit: spec link for reference


Yeah that’s not ideal. Still possibly a great screen for live marking up a PPT presentation, if a bit overkill. I love that it supports EMR though. The biggest pain with my current external Wacom screen is when the pen runs out of battery during a talk.

I mean, for that money we could get a Samsung tab S9 Plus and have some money left. At 2k resolution, AMOLED, 12.5" 16:10 is very close in size to Wacom 13.3" 16:9, and the Samsung could:

  1. Run as a stand alone device
  2. Be casted into as a Wireless display without any cable and have that function built in by Samsung
  3. Get SuperDisplay app and the Samsung tablet would be essentially the same thing as this Wacom thing with single USB C cable connection.

I wouldn’t buy this overpriced thing unless Wacom Pro Pen is a must. Honestly, even budget Chinese Android tablet over 12" had 2k these day. I really don’t understand Wacom’s love for 1080p.


If you had to support naĂŻve users who are confused by screen scaling, you would understand.

That said, if it’s only 1920 x 1080, I retract my auto-buy.


It’s not like they never had 2k screen before ( some old Cintiq definitely had 2k).

And their competitors are already offering 2k on some reasonably priced devices as mid range offering, leaving 4k as the highest cost option. Wacom must be aware they are late on this competition and decided to release this device. But while form factor is relatively important, the clarity of the screen is very important too when you are competing in mobile tablet territory, as it will definitely be compared to iPad and Samsung tab S series. Those who is used to the sharpness of those mobile definitely will definitely recognize the resolution downgrade.


At 13" 1080p is still fine, and easier to drive. It is still on the expensive side, even for Wacom.

I do wonder what happened to that ASUS ProArt external display with dial and two built-in kickstands. I reckon Wacom caused it to be axed.

Edit: B&H have it.