New ffu method for installing windows on surface duo

SurfaceDuo-Guides/InstallWindows/ at main · WOA-Project/SurfaceDuo-Guides · GitHub

I lost my Duo Windows install to some failed driver update attempts that I didn’t have the time or energy to troubleshoot. I finally found the time to ty the new FFU method, which is far easier than the older manual method.

I’m enjoying my miniature dual screen windows “laptop” again.



Oooh. Tempting. OG or Deux model?

OG, the DuoDeux still isn’t fully functional, though they have an image available for it.



That looks awesome. Particularly the sheep.

I thought the were Apple users???

Lol, the backgrounds are just whatever Bing serves up. I changed nothing. On the plus side, it’s done two updates with no breakage, screen rotation is actually working reliably. On the negative side, the pen calibration is still off too much to be useful for writing. I still think Android is a better solution at this size. Windows wants too much stuff on the screen all the time and doesn’t know how to manage windows across two screens with touch. That dual screen thing that showed up on Aliexpress sure is tempting though…