LincStudio on Indiegogo - Win11 and EMR Pen!

Just stumbled over this while sifting through my e-mail:

LincStudio-The Lightest All-in-one Creator Tablet | Indiegogo

It uses the Wacom Shinonome series pen…

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Interesting…I wonder what the price will be?

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My hope is it does well enough that the next release has Snapdragon X Elite so we get the mythical EMR WOA performance-efficiency beast.


I am always tempted with Wacom tablets with matte screens. But then I remember they’ve never been able to provide enough battery life for my use. So, while I also hope it does well enough that we can get Snapdragon X Elite, I won’t be part of helping it there. Looks awesome otherwise though.

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The Indiegogo campaign is now live:

LincStudio:The Lightest All-In-One Creator Tablet | Indiegogo

Early bird price is $1201 in the US, slightly more in Europe…

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first review I’ve seen on it.

As I thought, battery life isn’t great.

That’s where I fall as well. I’m watching with interest. They’ll need better chip technology to entice me, and what makes it a hard sell is Surface Pro 10 is making OLED the new standard for premium PC tablets. EMR + OLED + Snapdragon X when? :rofl:


If more people don’t sign up for their campaign, you might not need to worry about it or any follow-ons…


True… only 3 backers so far, barely making the super low funding goal. Pretty sad, overall. Personally,… the battery life seems to slow to me, and the pen software seems lacking. Can’t even adjust the pressure curve through the drivers; you’ll have to rely on any software programs you are using to do that. Simply put, the drivers look very far behind what Wacom puts out.

That and battery life has me keeping my money.

I’m not an expert on the different laptop parts, but it also looks like they have a much older cpu. I wonder if that’s making people hesitate as well.

EMR + OLED + Snapdragon X

That combination can definitely happen, just not with Windows.
Now I wonder if anyone manage to put WOA on the Tab S Ultra… then that would be the thing right there.

Edit: Wait it’s rumored to be an actual thing by samsung

From the article:

Note that the Samsung Galaxy Book4 Edge might not be the first Snapdragon X Elite-powered device to hit the market – plenty of other makers are working on their own designs, including HP, Lenovo, Asus, Dell, Acer, Honor, Microsoft and Xiaomi. None of them have set a launch date yet, however (to be fair, neither has Samsung – this is just a rumor).

So maybe others soon. The floodgates are opening? We’ll have to wait and hope along with @Bronsky that at least one or two of those hit the mark for a TabletPC sort of person. :crossed_fingers:

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Snapdragon X is definitely coming to Windows. There is nothing platform- or license-wise preventing it. Surface Pro 10 is getting two of these three (OLED and Snapdragon X). The missing piece of the coveted tablet trifecta is EMR.


Yeah the Wacom EMR thing, because it’s now mostly Samsung exclusive and the chance it come out with Android tablet is higher than Windows, because Samsung.

I already edited my post as apparently there is a Samsuny Galaxy Book Edge Windows Snapdragon X laptop rumored to happen. Whether or not it support S-pen is still up to speculation, because S-pen seem to be Exclusively in the Galaxy Book x360 branding.


They’d be better off partnering with Minisforum and their V3.

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