Lenovo Thinkbook Transparent Display Concept

Well, this is something new…!

Peering through Lenovo’s transparent laptop into a sci-fi future - The Verge


This would be amazing for repair manuals — hold it up and align it just so to compare the image of the part/current procedure with the actual part/current state — any sort of instructional work.

It would also be nice in a classroom for the student laptops — students could still see and interact w/ the instructor.

It would also be awesome for proofreading — set the display w/ the updated text to match the size of the printout and overlay to verify requested changes were made.

It would be a great option for smart glasses/goggles — actually see an overlay on the real world.

Also, if paired w/ a mirrored back would it finally get daylight viewable/transflective displays back into products which aren’t specific to maritime use/the military?


Another Article:

Lenovo’s Project Crystal is the world’s first laptop with a transparent microLED display (msn.com)


Ok, it’s weird and niche, but I do actually love this idea. If they actually made it Wacom and not AES, it would be amazing for artists, especially if there’s some texture to the keyboard/drawing area. While out, or even say at a live model session, you could use it to get basic proportions pretty easily and I don’t think it’d feel like cheating. While at home, it can be docked with a proper keyboard and mouse and you have a drawing tablet as well as whatever monitor you’re connected to. It probably also needs a magnetic keyboard that attaches over the drawing surface similar to the original Neo design, and some of the other designs that have come out since with dual screens. But, yeah, I’d like this a lot as an artist.


Speaking about “transparent,” here’s something I didn’t know about:

When people mention Lenovo’s transparent laptop I keep thinking of something like this. - The Verge

Prison laptops…!!!

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Another thing I thought about, imagine being able to drop a perspective grid on the transparent display to set up your composition and figure out vanishing points of the world around you. That could be so helpful for artists to learn how to see the perspective of the real world.

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Still better than Apple-traz…

A brief user report:

I went hands-on with Lenovo’s transparent laptop at MWC, and it’s surprisingly functional (msn.com)