Lenovo Tab P12

Interesting combination of features…

Lenovo’s future tablet may be a 3K, mid-range eReader with powerful speakers (msn.com)


Very interesting concept but WHY are they always Android?


and why are they so rarely Wacom EMR?


Because Wacom’s licensing is both expensive (roughly 3x that of MPP) and IMHO overly restrictive

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For the expense, to me it’s worth it.

I am guessing that the licensing restrictions preclude certain form factors/CPU combinations?

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Likely in the form of non-compete clauses that limit participation in certain market segments and / or form factor / hardware configurations that are seen as competitive.

Market segment might be the bigger issue…

yes exactly . Things like devices smaller than 10 inches, or larger than 13 inches plus some tech issues with certain types of display tech or even AMD processors

EDIT: Samsung gets a waver/pass with their own devices as they own some key IP with EMR and actually license it back to Wacom

I really wish that:

  • Samsung would allow using Wacom’s control panel/drivers
  • that additional form-factors of devices would get made

Given that Wacom is now down to just one size of Mobile Studio Pro (and that is $1,000 off here in the U.S. but it’s out-of-stock), and their display listings range from the 12" Wacom One (at ~$400) through the Cintiq Pro 27 (~$3,500) one wonders just what they are carving out space for.

Interestingly, a couple of the business pen displays seem to be re-badged Wacom Ones:

As I’ve noted in other threads, I think a Wacom One Touch paired w/ a Raspberry Pi 5 is a promising setup (the first-gen Wacom One I have worked well w/ a Raspberry Pi 4).