iPad Pro as Your Only Computing Device

Since @dstrauss went poetic, I offer the following written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, performed by the Rolling Stones:

“No, you can’t always get what you want
You can’t always get what you want
You can’t always get what you want
But if you try sometime you’ll find
You get what you need”


Beg to differ - the right trail offers either iPad 11 or 12.9 as your only device - but that’s not going to happen with iPadOS 16 as currently designed.

Oops, my bad.

I’ll see your quote and raise you Queen

Listen all you people, come gather round
I gotta get me a game plan, gotta shake you to the ground
But just give me, huh, what I know is mine
People do you hear me, just gimme the sign
It ain’t much I’m asking, if you want the truth
Here’s to the future for the dreams of youth

I want it all (give it all I want it all)
I want it all (yeah)
I want it all and I want it now


Yes, tough choice, because there is a lot of overlap between SP8 and iPP11, but still the most flexible option from my viewpoint because I could easily leave teh iPP11 behind and handle most everything I need. I’ve even toyed with going SP8 + iPM 6, but tired of buying devices (YES, I DID say that), and got such a good deal on my eBay iPP11 5g that I’d nearly lose money by switching.


Wow, that is impressive given that the iPM6 is on sale for $400 and the iPM6 LTE for $550. :imp:

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That’s not quite a fair comparison on my part because I got a package deal on my purchase of a 1tb/5g with magic keyboard and pencil.

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Back to our topic at hand - the iPad Pro as Your Only Computer:

  1. I want an iPad Pro as my full time computer.
  2. I need more than just an iPad Pro for my law practice and business matters.
  3. I don’t want an iPad and MacBook. The MacBook has become just a Windows substitute.
  4. If I could never have a functional iPad Pro as a full time computer, I’d rather use a Surface Pro 8.
  5. Until I can achieve number 1, or retire full time from practice of law, I’m sticking with SP8 and iPad.

Believe it or not, it is as simple as that. Without my law practice and business demands I would switch to an iPad Pro right now, even with the rough start of iPadOS 16. So for a lot of folks, iPadOS 16 is bringing it close to the unicorn, BUT if like me you have heavy business/file management needs, not so much. It turned everything upside down for me when I realized what I needed was a companion for my iPad…

I know I scrambled things up a lot this last week, and confused everyone in the process, but I’m pretty straight on the course now… :man_shrugging:


Hey, this forum is all about figuring out our workflows—which change as other outside factors change. It’s all good! We all learn from each other!


Hm, would that be “funflow” after retirement? Regardless, it can still be tricky to get things the way you want it. Just not as much time pressure to get it right; no big deal if you discover you’re going the wrong way. :vb-agree:


I wish! My retirement is still well over a decade away! :slight_smile:

Seems that Forbes is a little late to the party as we’ve discussed the new Magic Keyboard patent a long time ago - regardless, it will be an auto purchase for me if true:

That last “fold forward” maneuver was GREAT on the HP Spectre Folio and looks like it works well on the Surface Laptop Studio.


Eureka moment - a suggestion I received recently about just going SG2-3 and iPad Pro got me thinking (I know, dangerous). The screens are near identical, with the iPP11 being 0.8” taller:

Of course my iPP11 is a powerhouse compared to the best SG3 (M1/16gb/1tb/5g/TB vs i3/8gb/256gb/LTE/USB-C), so I thought - what about just copying that client folder to the On My iPad Documents folder using the Files App, and it is proceeding to do so right now (not real fast from a thumb drive to internal storage).

Time for some real testing of iPadOS 16, but could it be as simple as quit stressing over cloud services and sharing across multiple devices, and learn to live with the Office 365 iOS versions? This doesn’t mean I’d cut the MBP14 loose now, but perhaps fall will bring me close to doing what I’ve always wanted to do with the iPad.

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FWIW - I travelled to Denver for a set of meetings last weekend. I only took the iPM6 (with a 3rd party blue tooth folding keyboard) and iPhone 13 Pro. Notetaking on the iPM6 was great. Then I had to edit a rather large formal document using just “Office app”/Word. Lost my d@m#&d mind trying to find necessary menu items (e.g. inter alia global search/replace). HUGE on the portability scale, low on the productivity scale. Admittedly, a measure of that is my learning curve needs on the power features of Office on iOS. Self-medication was required.


Quoting myself from a prior thread “would drive me bat-sh!t crazy” I’m sure. Guess I better hold on to that MBP14 for a while…

I’m going to be stoned to death (or at least tarred and feathered around here for referring to it so much), but I need to make Jim Seymour’s 1988 article my desktop wallpaper:


Wow. Talk about on the mark. 8Mhz and floppy disks, can’t say I’m nostalgic for those.

BTW - $800 in 1988 dollars is comparable to ~$2,000 today. I paid less than $800 for my iPM6. Perspective.

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That article led me to buying a T1000 and it was a great “portable” computer. One thing he failed to mention was it had an expensive RAM board you could buy which backfilled the base 512mb RAM to 640, AND give you a 512mb RAM disk. It booted from ROM, so you built a start up 3.5” disk with WordPerfect and 123, stored them to the RAM disk, then replaced it with your data disk - it was blazing fast running those programs from the RAM disk. Of course, once you turned off the power “poof” your programs were gone until you restarted with that setup disk. On your desk and plugged in and it ran circles around our IBM AT.

Ahh, those were the days…it also brings real perspective to the Surface Pro 8 I’m casting aside…


Still fond of the Toshiba T1200XE I had (which was what prompted me to get the Toshiba Encore 2 Write 10 when it became available).

Probably the culmination of that generation was the Sharp PC-6220/TI Travelmate 2000/(I forget the other name it was sold under) — an AT/286 w/ a 20MB HD which would fit in an envelope (about the size of an NEC Ultralite, but squared off).

All of which is why I despair of replacing my Samsung Galaxy Book 12.


Just to put an exclamation point on this thread for those who wander in here unsuspecting - I am back to an SP8 (i5/16gb/1tb/LTE) and my iPP11 (sans Magic Keyboard) and living a bifurcated life - Windows 11 for all things business, or when I only have one device, and iPP11 for the Apple fun stuff (iMessage, FaceTime, News+, Disney+, Netflix, Apple TV, photo/video editing, etc.)…