Intel's NUC's are going away (ARS Technica)

This is unfortunate for several reasons including that it was one of the first release platforms for Intel’s newest tech.

It also was a good reference platform for software testing.

They were often a bit pricey though.

No more NUC: Intel’s weirdly named mini PCs seem to be going away | Ars Technica


Real unfortunate. I’ve had one as my HTPC for almost a decade running linux & it has been great.


I am so down in the dumps about this. I’ve been a huge NUC fan and love the idea of decent performance in a small form factor. (I am personally done with building/having oversized towers) I have 2 home desktop setups both running off two Hades Canyon NUCs and they still perform quite well even today.

The Hades Canyon itself is still a unicorn device since it can support 6 4K monitors at 60hrz. Every NUC since then stepped down to 4 monitors. I was hopping to upgrade if they released another 6-monitor NUC.

However with this news, I decided to upgrade to the 12th Gen/Arc Graphics with 16GB Serpents Canyon NUC. When this news hit B&H did a serious instant discount selling it for $799 for bare bones. I took the plunge and no even a full day later they are already sold out.

One of my Hades supports a 6-monitor rig, but the other one only supports a 4-monitor rig, so this will be the upgrade to that one.


OEMs are picking up the NUC brand with Intel’s blessing.

With Intel exiting the NUC business, all of Team Blue’s partners focusing on mini PCs can now license NUC products. However, Asus received a special treatment, as it recently signed a non-exclusive agreement with Intel to further develop the NUC product line.

Nearly every desktop within this business is a Nuc. I use a 12th gen nuc at home, as my main computer (will eventually be replaced by a Rog Ally).

I’m sure that they’ve saved us a lot on electrical costs. Shame.

P.s. the Nuc with the 2060 inside was absolutely fantastic.

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With all the assortment of 4 to 6 monitor setups I’ve built around NUCs, I’m pretty sure I’ve negated that benefit.

Agreed, NUCs are the mainstay of both our support desk and our QA group. Very versatile and I hope that ASUS and others continue and hopefully expand/enhance the offerings.

One additional value for us especially is they are essentially fairly vanilla/reference type devices for Intels chipset offerings.

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