HP Announces New Hardware

HP unveils a huge portfolio of new AI-powered Elite and ZBook laptops for professionals (msn.com)


Now I’m sad.

No stylus mention on that page.

I really wish that there was an HP Zbook X3 as a successor to the X2 (which I wasn’t able to afford at the time, save for a stylus, which I’m very sad quit working when it was dropped)

Is there any hope for something better ever?

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I guess this isn’t the time to mention that I still enjoy using my ZBook X2 with a few specific applications. My X2 is 5-1/2 years old and although the extended warrant has long since expired (HP would not extend it further), it continues to run without issue; even the battery still provides decent running time.

All that being said, I share your wish that HP had provided a successor. My X2 won’t last forever, and when it finally does die, I will mourn its passing…