FS - Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G - $475USD

  1. Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G - 128gb, 8gb ram

  2. Used - Like New (Only used a few times over the course of two weeks. Never taken outside of the home.) Comes with original box and accessories. Still has the protective plastic on three of the four edges, so you can have the satisfaction of peeling that off like you would with a new phone.

  3. Please see pictures. Happy to provide any additional pictures if wanted. The little white specs are just dust on the screen that my camera managed to pickup that my eyes couldn’t.

  4. $475 USD or $650 CAD (includes shipping)

  5. PayPal or Venmo accepted (I think Venmo allows this much, but it’s been a while since I’ve used it).

  6. Shipping Method: I will ship it insured, either through post or UPS/Fedex.

  7. Long standing member of this forum, though it’s been a while since I’ve been active on here (recently had a new addition to our family that’s taken up a lot of my time!). eBay account name is yodamiked86, though I don’t recall the last time I sold anything on there. Happy to provide any details that would put a potential buyer at ease.

  8. Reason for sale: Bought a few different phones to try out as I needed an upgrade. Only used this one a few times, but I discovered that OLED screens aren’t great for my eyes. Never left my home and was babied. Brand new phone, but I’m unable to return it to the store it was purchased from. Also comes with a basic case and unapplied screen protectors I purchased with it. Figured I’d post on here given it comes with the s-pen, before trying to sell elsewhere.

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Hi. My name is Jeff and was a long time participant in the predecessor TPCR forum on Tech Target (also as “Lovelaptops”) Anyway, I’m very interested, just have a couple of questions. Can you provide any documentation so I can use any warranty protection remaining? How long ago did you purchase it? Thanks.


Hi Jeff,

I ordered it from Amazon Canada as a new unit (sold by Amazon not a third party) on March 27th. I had ordered a few other phones from other sites around the same time, so it only got played around with a handful of times as I was comparing it to the other phones. Because the screen doesn’t agree with my eyes, though, it really hasn’t had much on time.

I can provide a copy of the invoice from Amazon Canada, but unfortunately I’m not sure how that works with Samsung’s warranty (ie does the invoice have to be in your name, Canada vs US, etc?). I haven’t registered the phone with Samsung and Amazon sold it as new, so I would imagine no issues claiming the full warranty period, but unfortunately I’m just not familiar with the process.

Let me know if you have any other questions or would like any other photos.


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Thanks Mike,

I will look into the wtty issue ASAP and get back to you. Btw, Amazon US will accept returns up to 30 days (a bit more if you request). Is it different in Canada?

Jeffrey D Bellin

Thanks, Jeff.

Generally it’s the same in Amazon Canada, but apparently this model of phone was listed as non-returnable. My best guess is they don’t want to have older models in stock given the S24 Ultra is out.