Freaked out by robot

In honor of the original thread on TPCR. :slight_smile: Today Hyundai-owned Boston Dynamics released a video introducing their latest creation, after retiring the original hydraulic Atlas robot yesterday.

The switch to electric actuators allegedly cuts cost considerably, and they gave it a huge (dare I say creepy?) range of motion. Enjoy!

Techcrunch wrote a nice article about the release:

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:satyarr: has ordered 100 demo models with Snapdragon X II GPT-6 NPU’s for NEXT SUMMER


Coming for you this summer…!!!

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This is even more horrible! Cute and cuddly… until it has you by the neck!

Boston Dynamics gives Spot bot a furry makeover | Popular Science (


Many functions are still missing;

It still needs to learn how to properly pee on the wall, chew the furniture and drool on the carpet.


For $16,000, your personal ticket to the coming robot apocolypse…

Worryingly bendy humanoid robot can crush nuts, slice Coke bottles | Popular Science (

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It would be nice to have this kind of robot, fully controllable remotely with a virtual reality headset

Found this on youtube…

I’m fairly sure my cat would get freaked out by this robot. She’s timid.

Best comment:

What about this? Is this freaking enough?

OK, you win, now I gotta go :vb_puke:

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Yeesh, the old schlock movies from my childhood becoming reality (?) in my lifetime. NOT something I was dreaming of.