Folding phone running Mac OS?

FWIW Never heard of Vivo X Fold


The big question of course is who is going to be the first person to release a phone which functions as a usable window into one’s desktop (or replacement) for the power user.

The Apple Vision Pro would be one interesting approach (totally bypass the phone screen limitations), and I suspect if Apple provided a mode where the phone would afford connectivity to a Mac OS Desktop setup at home (or on a server?) that would be a workable use case (or do they do that and I missed it?).

Foldables would be another approach, but I wonder if some sort of two-screen function would work better (say upper screen is overall view of desktop, lower screen is a zoomed in area).

I really think we need a new approach both in terms of the under-lying technology (I’d give my interest in Hell to have nxhosting back) and the interface — I seriously think that the current Apple efforts are grabbing the wrong parts, and that an interface which:

  • afforded the control and functionality of a traditional desktop
  • using a smaller screen(s) and touch/gesture controls and possibly eye tracking w/ a camera

would let one get a lot of work done w/ a small, portable device.

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Available in Asia.

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Oh. Thanks

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It is surprising how many more phones, many are of niche appeal, seem to be available in Taiwan then any other plce I’ve seen. The whole anti-China sentiment in the U.S. and Europe does restrict what becomes available on the market.

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Eh, it’s just using a remote desktop type app into a Mac.

I do this now with my iPad Pro using Jump Desktop.

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I’m fine with that.

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