Copilot - Invasion of the OS Snatchers

I know I said I was stepping away, and I will, but I felt I owed this one to the great folks here - Copilot is getting to be a virus in an OS sense, and this article by Sean Endicott at Windows Central (one of the biggest supporters of Windows) is a harrowing description of MS’ Copilot dependency overriding all sense of responsibility in the MS C Suite - I’d dare say that very soon the opening screen for Windows will be a Copilot logo with only one choice - “Click to Continue with Copilot”


I come here a lot less often that I have in the past but that is combination of less time on my hands and the lack of change in the tablet world. At the moment, my Pro X does everything I need. Plus, I like the form factor more than the Pro X in the Pro body (with the vents, etc). I can’t see spending a lot of $$ to wind up in Microsoft hell. Actually, I could see keeping our equipment until I retire then getting by with a Samsung Tab 9 (or whatever generation is out at that time) with an SPen. I could get by with Android and Office if I didn’t have the demands i have running a trial practice. So, I’m not really interested in what Microsoft is doing at the moment and I have taken to dropping by just to brouse and comment from time to time.

Anyway. I would not let an inconsequental internecine squabble drive me away. It’s kind of a dumb argument, just watching from the sidelines, that I think both let get out of hand. If you still feel obligated to take a stand, you have my email address.


1: I also hope you change your mind on this one.

2: I think I agree on all things Co Pilot being the devil.

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TPCR: come for the technology, stay for the vocabulary!

It’s funny, I’d been visiting less as well because I’m pretty happy with the SLS2, and there aren’t any products out there right now that strike my fancy.

As for replacing the right-edge swipe for notifications with copilot, that’s fine by me. I have my PC on permanent DND mode, using my iPhone for all notifications.

I actually like the basic copilot functions (get answers to questions without having to choose which search result to open, like just now “is it unhealthy to work out while being sore”. Got very good answers…I think), but I don’t love how all questions go into the database of a single entity. Way too much marketing/profiling potential. So I still try to limit its use. It’s tempting to use it though, and having it a side swipe away will only increase that temptation.

Come to think of it, that’s a decent product name: MS SideSwipe, side -swiping Google’s search business. :grin:


I used to always have my desktop (/desktop replacement) offline until I got a Mac and lost the habit since it didn’t bug me all the time like Windows does. I need to regain the habit and only turn on the wifi when necessary.

Wait… that’s heresy! I have PC notifications muted, but I’m always online. Why would you want to be offline, other than to save a watt or two?

Originally it was to prevent internet use in the background and updates on my metered cell service. It was killing my bandwidth limits. Then I got into the habit and it’s really not bad. I even did downloads on my mobile device and used a USB-C thumb drive to transfer files. The only time I connected was for things like Steam game downloads since you can’t do that on a different device. Surfing the internet, streaming, email and etc. was done on a mobile device: phone or tablet.

I definitely need to get back into that habit. I hate the ninja updates from Windows screwing everything up. It already happened once since I got the Lenovo Legion Go. :angry: