Bad Day for Engadget

Yahoo lays off the leaders of Engadget - The Verge

Actually not sure if this is bad… or good? The new strategy seems vague. I guess time will tell…

“A memo says strategy will focus more on traffic and collaboration with sales and SEO.”

Well that doesn’t sound great…

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Wonder if they’re counting on AI for content.

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Thought the same thing.


Its bad…if memory serves its almost as bad as what happened to Gizmodo. After the lawsuits, Gawker had to cut staffing so much, the site even to today became nothing but a pale imitation of what it was.

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Like mentioned in the article, it’s the same exact thing that happened to CNET as well. Switch to a bunch of ‘evergreen’ buyer’s guides that are driven by revenue (think of those “best printers of 2024” type articles that require zero effort and barely get updated from year to year), and hire a bunch of low-paid interns and college grads to transcribe press releases. Or use AI.

They’ll lose all relevance in a year or two but by then the investors will have cashed out anyway.

Engadget and The Verge ceased to be anything but paid advertisers, to me at at least, years back. Say anything against the product, you’re blocked. I pop in ever so often to see what’s been released and that’s it. The pages could easily be replaced by a quick search on Youtube. No loss to me (hopefully the people laid off will quickly find alternative positions).