A noname Chinese clone of the Surface Neo

Found this thing while browsing our local facebook market place:

  • Dual 10" FHD screens, bottom screen have pen support
  • Intel N95 chip
  • 16 GB RAM
  • SSD NVME 512 GB
  • 900g
    The seller sell it for ~$450. He said that it’s a no name Chines OEM device that you wouldn’t find it even if you know model number. It’s thick and probably not as stylist as the Neo but it’s close and actually released.
    I would be tempted to buy one but i likely would not have an use for it, the pen tech is unknown.


Man, that’s a freaking thick chassis! Closer to the clam shell laptop form with two screens than the Neo.


Yeah, I was quite surprised with the thickness, but from my experience with Chinese device, thicker last longer than thin. In the days of atom Baytral/ Cherry Trail tablets, the thin devices they released barely last longer than 1 year and run like crap because they cheaped out on cooling of such device. My thicker tablet from them still working today.

In exchange for the thickness, there are all the standard port (2 USB A, 2 USB C, 1 HDMI, 1 headphone jack) and an SSD swapable slot. Seem to use an old charging connection though, I wonder if it’s USB C chargeable.

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Might this be it?

  • 235mm X 170mm X 18mm <1.5Kg
  • 9.25" X 6.69" X 0.71" < 3.3 lb

for dimensional comparison iPad 10:

  • 248.6mm X 179.5mm X 7mm – 477g
  • 9.79" X 7.07" X 0.28" – 1.060 lb