Zotac "Pocket PC" desktop

Obviously pretty basic, but the size is amazing. We have an engineer that has an earlier version. The build quality is very impressive as is their support as they helped the engineer install Ubuntu on his system.

Another thing I want for no rational reason, but that it’s tiny and unique

Zotac’s Latest Windows 11 Desktop PC Fits in Your Pocket | PCMag

BTW: One niche that this company has played in is for digital signage as a much lower cost and non proprietary alternative to the big players. These easily attached to the back of most displays/TVs, 32 inch or larger


That is fascinating. If they ever get to true SSD and at least 8GB of RAM, I’d get one just to play with.


There’s plenty of slightly larger NUC with similar specs and price, so I don’t think this one is as much special.

I was also fooled by the ads of the old intel PC stick fit into pants pocket and impulsely purchased one when I see it for cheap. And it is pretty much collecting dust in my drawer.

What needed to be fit into that pants pocket is not just the PC, but also a huge power brick (my Atom stick can use phone charger, but a Celeron pretty much require a separate brick), a keyboard and mouse if you want a functional pc in your hotel room. And that size as a stationary PC would suck with worse thermal cooling than a small NUC while only take up slightly less space.

I still have a weakness for small PC of similar spec but it would need a battery, screen and keyboard+track point ( basically GPD alternative that’s cheap enough) to be practical.

I had been experimenting with using the PC stick attached to phone via something like SuperDisplay, which could be more practical with touch and pen but it didn’t work when HDMI plugged out and might require a HDMI dummy plug. This way it’s probably more practical: a phone with touch /pen control, a mini PC, an USB cable and a charger (or two if use Celeron/Pentium). Could possibly fit in a hand bag/ decent sized purse.


@CrazyCat I haven’t seen the newest one myself but the pictures apparently don’t do it justice as it is smaller real world, especially being fairly thin according to a couple of people I know that have actually seen it.

Of course one person’s thin is another’s unreasonably thick (based on my experience in the watch world)

However the price is such that we may buy one to tinker with and If we do, I’ll post more here.

Agreed though it is really low end , raw spec wise and many would be better off with a true NUC.

This reminds me a bit of the pocket-sized Kangaroo PC that you could link up with an iPad for Windows computing on-the-go.

That Kangaroo one seem to use a software resolution similar to Super Display and Astropad. Couldn’t really find the ios app tho.

Tested successfully with TwomonUSB without a HDMI dummy plug. EasyCanvas with iPad might require one. SuperDisplay I couldn’t test with my PC stick because 32 bit, but I could run it without monitor comnected to my bigger PC.

There’s probably the only methods to make those mini pc remotely ‘mobile’. Windows still sucks with just touch and oftentime the on screen keyboard never pop up. Probably as a last resort when you need Windows in a pinch.