Zenbook Duo 14 (UX482)

I wasn’t sure where to start a topic about this fabulous device, since it doesn’t really fit into any of the Windows device categories in the forum.

I got the Zenbook Duo 14 (UX482) a couple of months ago to replace my 13" HP ENVY x360 convertible laptop. While the HP ENVY x360 is a fantastic little machine, I wanted to do away with my desktop setup and get one Windows machine for both desktop and portable use. I wanted two displays for extended desktop and I didn’t want to have to use a portable monitor.

I wanted the Zenbook Pro 14 Duo OLED (UX8402) with the i9 processor and GeForce RTX 3050 Ti, but I couldn’t pull the trigger. I can’t justify the over $2k price tag. I snatched up the Zenbook Duo 14 (UX482) for $949 on sale.

It came with a pen. Both displays are pen enabled. The upper display quality is noticeably better, but the lower display is serviceable.

Having a secondary display permanently available without having to deal with accessories is a game changer. It improves my mobile workflow and is adequate for when I work at my desk at home. It’s been the perfect work and on the go machine for me so far.

I’m starting this topic to create a thread to discuss this device since I didn’t see one in existence yet. If you have any question about it, throw them my way.

[Edit: added picture. -JoeS]


One of the few devices that has me excited. Just can’t find one to try out in Japan.

Seems like this one is a better fit for the Convertibles category. I added a picture to the OP so it stands out a bit more in the list of latest topics.

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How are you enjoying the keyboard? I almost bought that laptop a few years back (an older model) but I disliked how the keyboard and trackpad felt. Also the model back then, the bottom screen was just flat and didn’t raise up and I found it hard to view given the angle and dimmer brightness.

The raising up of the secondary screen is definitely a necessity.

Regarding the keyboard, I like it! The keys feel nice to me. I enjoy the typing experience. It didn’t take too long for me to get used to the unusual placement of the keyboard and trackpad. Now that I’m used to it, I prefer where the trackpad is on this laptop compared to the typical centered placement of a trackpad.

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