ZDNet - Can Microsoft recover from the collapse of its Surface business?

That’s reassuring! Their partners are speeding along and have better screens as far as contrast, color range, and response time. They are overdue for an improvement in the display technology so it could not come any sooner.

That doesn’t apply to old products. if you buy a Surface Pro 9 today, the 4 tiers of commercial warranty would all still include advanced exchange.

The new products have outright new warranty SKUs, Pro 9/Laptop 5, etc all still use the older warranty SKUs. If advanced exchange was already taken out of those, I’m sure some clients would have crucified me by now.

You misunderstand. As I said, it applies to “all new plans” regardless of the product (recently released or still for sale) it is purchased for, with an emphasis on “new plans.” I checked the plan verbiage, and they changed it to affect newly purchased plans going forward. To be clear, I am not saying it impacts preexisting plans before change, so I am not saying it is retroactive. Hence, why I said “all new plans.”

After the release of the SP9, in October 2022, MS hasn’t really had a hardware product I’d be interested in.

I’d have loved a Surface Duo 3, with thinner camera camel hump, or a SP10 with an SD card slot, but it never happened. Heck, an SP10 just like the Z13 would be a winning product (as long as they improved the battery run time).

Oh well. I cannot seem to use any other laptop, other than the Surface Pro range.


I feel they were always super niche premium products, the specs were always pretty bad for the money too tbh

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, yeah in that regard I miss the port selection from the older Surface Pro models (at least the Pro 7/7+). MS did add a cardreader to the SLS 2 so there is perhaps still hope. :crossed_fingers:

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How much could the new Core Ultra cpus help here?

Just to reinforce @darkmagistric 's comment, this article was just published on theVerge:

PC shipments were down last year. - The Verge

So objectively, maybe Surface isn’t doing as bad as we collectively feared…?


A sort of limited retrospective of Surface Pro, Surface RT, and Windows 8:

11 Years Ago, Microsoft Invented a New Laptop Form Factor. But Now What? (msn.com)

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