Would a Galaxy Book Pro 360's fans be less noisy when gaming than a Surface Book?

If (hypothetically) one’s husband were to come in and complain about the fan noise coming from one’s computer and propose the purchase of a computer that generated less fan noise, where would this hypothetical person post a question asking for buying recommendations?

Potentially related: would a galaxybook 360 pro be less fan noisey than a surfacebook when gaming?

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I suggest you look up Samsung Galaxybook 360 pro screen cracking on its own problem. It was mention several times in old forums

I saw that mentioned in the reviews at bestbuy and remember it being mentioned on the old thread. I wasn’t sure how widespread it was. I’ve been enjoying watching a bunch of reviews, but we’re snowed in right now, so I can’t go impulsively do anything I’d have to return later.

I find the GalaxyBook 360 Pro’s fan moderately loud, especially if I’m using it on my lap. And my screen did crack on one corner. On the plus side, it’s wonderfully light. For zero fan noise, what about an iPad.


PS, the “What tablet PC should I buy” was the forum section I found most useful on the old site.

I mean, I have a surface pro x for zero fan noise, but it doesn’t run my games particularly well. I don’t need a lot; I just play Sims and Civ 6 on occasion. But the surfacebook spins up immediately on starting a game of Civ.

My husband has suggested building a gaming PC a few times in these situations, but I don’t want a shared PC and he already has a playstation. I don’t play often enough to feel justified in setting up a dedicated gaming machine. The surfacebook is a fine all around machine and renders my sims better than anything else I’ve used, but that’s not saying a lot given my love of classic thinkpads. I’m coming from using a T420s with the nvidia card for my gaming.

@violajack : I was thinking about a problem last night and that lead to a sudden insight into your question. Perhaps this will help you.

The question: “Is there a Laptop Y whose fans are quieter than my Laptop X?” is a question that can’t really be answered; there are too many variables. However, a question that might be answerable is "Are there ways that I can prevent / minimize the fan noise of my Laptop X? One possible way to do this is to sit your laptop on a cold plate (think: laptop on a block of ice or a bag of frozen peas). That might be viable in a lab environment, but probably not on your lap. A more user friendly approach might be to try one of those inexpensive laptop cooling pads (e.g., Amazon.com: havit HV-F2056 15.6"-17" Laptop Cooler Cooling Pad - Slim Portable USB Powered (3 Fans), Black/Blue : Electronics ). With more fans, but spinning more slowly, the noise should be reduced and the extra case cooling may keep your Laptop X fan(s) under control. One caveat is that if your Laptop X fan(s) are reacting to CPU TPD (in addition to temperature), then external cooling may not work or have very little impact.

A random thought for a Monday morning…

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I think it’s the GPU in the base ramping up, so a cooling mat would probably help somewhat.

I’ve come to the conclusion that the easiest solution is simply silence my husband’s complaining by threatening the purchase of a new machine when he complains about my current one. And if you’ve seen my list in tablet history, you can see that’s not an idle threat.

I’ve often wondered if an actual gaming laptop like one of the slim razors would be a good solution since I seem to almost always have at least one or more other inking tablets floating around to fill the notetaking role.

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This is an effective solution! However, another way to gaurentee greater silence is going for a fanless tablet, such as the Acer Switch 7 Black Edition.

Can’t find too many listings online (aside from pricey OOS ones for ~$1800), but maybe you could keep your eyes peeled for eBay or local listings at cheaper prices. These kinds of just-outdated, but still unique tablets tend to popup regularly.

Well, the only way to know is to actually try it, right? :smiling_imp:


runs off to Facebook Marketplace


And here’s some help…

Best gaming laptop in 2022 - The Verge


I looked around a bit, but gaming laptops seem like such overkill for how infrequently I game, and the fact that I Civ 6 is the most demanding title I run. I’m not curious enough to drop the cash on those things. The only reason I have big surfacebook is a combination of a ridiculous open box deal combined with a kitchen appliance package worth of bestbuy reward points.

So I guess my real question is - what fanless machine still has enough umph to run Civ 6 well enough? And by well enough, I mean slightly better than running in emulation on the Surface Pro X.